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English speakers are welcome in all of my classes.
My adventure into the world of embroidery began with Francine LeClercq's classes. She introduced me to all kinds of techniques. It's a never-ending universe.
While surfing the web, I was enchanted by the wonderful world of Sharon Boggon . It was the Great Day and I immediately signed up for her class. The technique she uses, called crazy quilt, gives you the chance to play with all kinds of embroidery techniques and materials. It's a field that appeals enormously to the creative spirit.
The first time I exhibited my crazyquilts, I was asked if I made kits. That's why I started making them.
Having so much fun embroidering, I set out to master certain techniques. I have a great attraction for English techniques. So I go regularly to the Royal School of Needlework in the UK. All courses are taught by former students of the School. Their studies last three years, with only eight students per year.
I was lucky enough to live near a fantastic Déco-Montgolfier boutique, which organized embroidery courses. When the very dynamic owner, Martine Sanchez, saw my work, she asked me if I'd be interested in giving classes.
I really enjoy this activity. And all this is possible thanks to the support and advice of Martine Sanchez.
Of course, none of this would have been possible without Rob. He's my sponsor, my webmaster, my assistant (artistic, administrative and commercial) and, from time to time, my psychological support.
Thank you for visiting my page,


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Contact me to sign up for a class (Email: or Tel: 04 76 32 16 33).

Introduce yourself to a technique of embroidery with my step-by-step explanations to make one of my designs.

Personal project: following your own taste and your own rhythm.

I am happy to give classes to other groups or individuals in the Rhône-Alpes area, or anywhere else in the world! Please contact me for more information.

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Et brode le papillon...

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