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Stumpwork Books in English
photo: book shakespeare

Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork
Jane Nicholas

Inspired by that Shakespearian-era design, Jane Nicholas has created her own embroidery, stitched on ivory silk satin in stumpwork. It showcases 14 assorted flowers and fruits popular at the time, from the Apothecary rose, borage, heartsease, and periwinkle to redcurrants, barberries, plums, and strawberries.
In 1598, Lady Anne Clifford wrote a letter to her father that featured a beautifully painted border. Inspired by that Shakespearian-era design, Jane Nicholas has created her own embroidery, stitched on ivory silk satin in stumpwork. It showcases 14 assorted flowers and fruits popular at the time, from the Apothecary rose, borage, heartsease, and periwinkle to redcurrants, barberries, plums, and strawberries.
Use the border to surround a mirror or enclose a special photograph, monogram, or treasured memento.
Gorgeous stumpwork designs from the Elizabethan era Includes diagrams and photographs with clear instructions Expert and long-standing stumpwork author
(Hardback - 272 pages)

PRICE: 32,15€
photo: book stumpwork embroidery butterflies and moths

Stumpwork Embroidery Butterflies & Moths
Jane Nicholas

Stumpwork Embroidery Butterflies and Moths is the third in a series of books by Jane Nicholas featuring insects in conjunction with flowers.
Collecting insects, and displaying them, has long been the delight of natural history enthusiasts. In the 19th century, collecting butterflies and moths as serried rows n specimen boxes, or as decorative patterns in framed pictures, was a popular pursuit. Faithful to the tradition of these collectors, the Moth and Butterfly Specimen Box in this book is the third in Jane's series of stumpwork insect boxes, preceded by those in Stumpwork Dragonflies (2000), and The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection (2004). Lavishly illustrated in colour, with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by explanatory diagrams, this book will be a valued addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in textured and dimensional embroidery.
(Hardback - 100 illustrations - 288 pages)

PRICE: 30,30€
photo: book Embroidered portraits

photo: book Embroidered portraits

Embroidered portraits
Ideas, inspiration and techniques
Jan Messent

With a different and delightfully practical approach to a traditional, time-honoured subject, Jan shows how to create a wonderful selection of portraits, all in realistic style and created using raised embroidery, applique and decorative hand stitches. Simple instructions for shaping different-angled heads, creating faces, adding features and stitching the hair are just the start. She goes on to show different hairstyles and wigs: straight, wavy, curly, free flowing and unkempt. Scale is important and there are full instructions on which threads and stitches to use. Moving on to poses, arms and hands, garments and accessories, there are full instructions and illustrations every step of the way. You learn how to personalise and embellish portraits with fabric, felt, lace, beads, braids and cords, and there is plenty of inspirational advice plus many new ideas. Whether you are new to stitching or an experienced embroiderer, you will find much here to enthrall and excite you in this very special book.
A unique and inspiring book by Jan Messent, an eminent embroiderer with a strong following world-wide Probably the only book on the market devoted entirely to stitched portraits Packed full of exquisitely worked pieces, all giving a contemporary twist to this traditional subject, and with expert guidance on the materials and methods used.
(Hardback - 290 illustrations - 128 pages)

PRICE: 28,60€ Temporairement en rupture de stock
photo: book RSN stumpwork

Kate Sinton

(Royal School of Needlework - Essential Stitch Guides)

A book with photographs giving step-by-step explanations. This collection is essentially a technical guide of very high quality. This book is one of the most complete on stumpwork embroidery. Kate Sinton teaches at the Royal School of Needlework.

(Spiral cover, 112 pages)

PRICE: 13,80€
photo: book Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery

Stumpwork & Goldwork Embroidery
Inspired by Turkish, Syrian & Persian Tiles
Jane Nicholas

The research and embroidery involved in creating the designs for this book has been a joy for Jane Nicholas. She has revelled in the opportunity to indulge a passion of hers since childhood combining jewel-like colours, gold metallic threads and glittering beads. Sixteen projects are presented in this book, varying both in size and complexity. Each has been inspired by an example of Islamic art pottery, textiles, manuscripts or jewellery from Turkey, Syria, Persia, Arabia or India. Beautifully photographed pieces Inspirational images throughout Clear instructions for each tile and its variations Comprehensive illustrations and diagrams to guide the reader
(Hardback - 100 illustrations - 288 pages)

PRICE: 35,90€
photo: book medieval flora

Stumpwork Medieval Flora
Jane Nicholas

In this book Jane Nicholas proposes six designs for you to carry out, all magnificent. The designs are all inspired by the book Grandes Heures of Anne of Brittany.

(Hardback, 288 pages)

PRICE: 29,40€
photo: book complete stumpwork

The Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery
Jane Nicholas

This is certainly the most accessible of the books by Jane Nicholas. You will find lots of different stumpwork designs, all magnificent from the simplest to the most elaborate.

(Hardback, 288 pages)

PRICE: 30,00€
photo: book a-z of stumpwork

A-Z of Stumpwork
collectif (Country Bumpkin)

The most stunning A-Z book yet, featuring fabulous three-dimensional embroidery. With its beginnings in seventeenth century England, stumpwork is today making a revival. This 128 page, full colour, spiral bound book is the perfect way to begin an exciting journey into the world of raised embroidery. A-Z of Stumpwork is the ultimate reference and design source for all embroiderers. Over 400 clear step-by-step photographs and instructions organised into five easy to use sections 20 stunning designs from around the world. Each design is beautifully presented with colour photographs, easy to follow instructions and full size patterns Expert advice on the materials and tools you need to ensure success and gain enjoyment Tips and hints to help you perfect your stitches and techniques
(spiral bound - 128 illustrations - 128 pages)

PRICE: 16,65 €
photo: book beetle collection

The stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery BEETLE COLLECTION
Jane Nicholas

This is an amazing book. It contains an extraordinary quantity of designs for beetles, embroidered with different techniques; goldwork, stumpwork, redwork, and appliqué. You also learn how to embroider with beetle wingcases. It is strongly recommended to have a basic knowledge of the techniques used before attempting to reproduce the designs in this book.
(Hardback, 424 pages)

PRICE: 30,50€
photo: book dimensional embroidery

Dimensional Embroidery
Helan Pearce

Helan has always loved dimensional work, in both embroidery and applique, and the projects presented in Dimensional Embroidery combine new and old techniques to create her beautiful embroidered flowers. Using wired petals and leaves, flowers are constructed and attached to background fabric. Applique and surface embroidery in fine wool and silk threads create 14 glorious projects for your home. Detailed patterns (plus pattern sheet), over 300 diagrams and step-by-step instructions throughout. Full colour photographs accompany each project displaying a wonderful richness of colour throughout the book.
(paperback - 112 illustrations - 112 pages)

PRICE: 23,95€
photo: book beginners guide to stumpword

Beginner's guide to Stumpwork
Kay Dennis

Kay Dennis is passionate about Stumpwork. This intricate, raised and padded embroidery has its origins in the seventeenth century. This comprehensive and colourful book covers both basic and needle lace techniques - sections on each containing a series of elaborate step-by-step demonstrations showing how to work individual techniques, followed by a project combining all the methods. Kay takes inspiration from a variety of sources and her designs include animals, flowers, fruits and insects - popular motifs in the seventeenth century. She also creates contemporary designs and there are advanced projects on landscape and figurative work. A gallery of Kay's work is included to stimulate and inspire the reader.
(paperback - 125 illustrations - 80 pages)

PRICE: 10,80€
photo: book dragonflies

Stumpwork Dragonflies
Jane Nicholas

This book contains lots of designs of dragonflies, each one as beautiful as the next. It is strongly recommended to have already learnt the basics of stumpwork embroidery before attempting to reproduce the designs in this book.
Jane Nicholas, Australian, is an internationally renowned expert on stumpwork.
(Hardback, 95 pages)

PRICE: 27,60€
photo: book stumpwork embroidery

Stumpwork Embroidery
Designs and Projects
Jane Nicholas

A sequel to the highly successful Stumpwork Embroidery by the same author. This is another exquisite and explanatory book with great detail as to how this fine and truly beautiful needlework can be achieved.
Following her previous book, Jane Nicholas explains in detail how this fine needlework can be achieved, introducing 23 new elements. Projects are included on: field flower pictures; wild life pictures; roundels for pictures or brooches; pansies for brooches and designs; and needlework accessories and gifts.
(Hardback - 192 illustrations - 192 pages)

PRICE: 32,90€

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