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English and French Stumpwork Embroidery Books
photo: livre Botanica

The Three-Dimensional Embroidery of Julie Kniedl
Inspirations Studios (2019, 2021)

Book in English
Enter a world where nature is re-created with such incredible realism, one can scarcely tell the art from the original. This is the world of Julie Kniedl and her astonishing three-dimensional embroidery. Discover and learn this innovative, three-dimensional embroidery style and create spectacular botanical pieces, inspired by beautiful garden specimens. Twelve stunning projects are included, using simple stitches and a handful of techniques to create elegant and realistic interpretations of natural subjects. Each piece is captured with stunning photography and detailed instructions are provided for every step.

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Inspirations Studios (paperback - 24 x 1,2 x 28 cm - 128 pages)

photo: livre Fleurs élisabéthaines en stumpwork

Fleurs élisabéthaines en stumpwork
Broderie Créative
Jane Nicholas (10 July 2020)

Book in French
In this book, flowers can be embroidered in traditional and stumpwork stitches to create delicate floral designs. The designs are inspired by flowers popular in Elizabethan times, a wonderful source of inspiration for creating refined and precious samplers. Leaves, buds, plants and insects will come to life under your needle. In the pages of this guide, you will embroider beautiful works:
6 Elizabethan flower panels
4 garlands of spring flowers.
If you are a beginner, you will have no difficulty in making the models proposed. The techniques are explained in step-by-step photos to make it easier to learn the stitches. The material and stitch guides as well as the pattern layouts are clearly given.

Publisher Éditions de Saxe (paperback - 22 x 1 x 27,5 cm - 96 pages)

photo: livre Stumpwork Inspirations

Stumpwork Inspirations
Designer's collective de Inspirations Studios (28 February 2020)

Book in English
Stumpwork embroidery, also called raised embroidery, takes hand embroidery to another dimension and raises it off the surface of the fabric with strikingly realistic results. This technique uses all the usual embroidery stitches you would expect and often uses padding, wiring and slips to achieve its raised effect. Stumpwork Inspirations highlights the very best stumpwork has to offer in both design and technique. Featuring talented embroidery designers Susan O'Connor, Wendy Innes, Susan Casson, Anna Scott, Lesley Turpin-Delport and Jane Nicholas, this special collection, including lovely framed pictures and a pot lid, have been curated into one publication. With 8 stunning stumpwork projects to make, there are clear step-by-step instructions, pullout patterns, a stitch guide and all the information you need to stitch them. Discover the origins, stitches, techniques and designs that are uniquely stumpwork, and learn how to make your own beautiful works of art.

Publisher Search Press (paperback - 22 x 1,2 x 28,6 cm - 450 illustrations - 112 pages)

photo: livre Fleurs élisabéthaines en stumpwork

Fleurs de Shakespeare en stumpwork
Broderie Créative
Jane Nicholas (31 October 2019)

Book in French
In 1598, Lady Anne Clifford wrote a letter to her father that featured a beautifully painted border. Inspired by that Shakespearian-era design, Jane Nicholas has created her own embroidery, stitched on ivory silk satin in stumpwork. It showcases 14 assorted flowers and fruits popular at the time, from the Apothecary rose, borage, heartsease, and periwinkle to redcurrants, barberries, plums, and strawberries. Use the border to surround a mirror or enclose a special photograph, monogram, or treasured memento.
Gorgeous stumpwork designs from the Elizabethan era
Includes diagrams and photographs with clear instructions
Expert and long-standing stumpwork author

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Éditions de Saxe (paperback - ‎22 x 1 x 27,5 cm - 112 pages)

photo: livre jardin secret brode en relief

Le jardin secret brode en relief
Atelier Fil (25 January 2019)

Book in French
This beautiful book offers to discover the secret of making real stumpwork flowers! 20 different flowers and 11 accessories are explained in very detailed step-by-step photos with life-size templates. Embroiderers will also find details of the necessary supplies, a presentation of the different embroidery stitches and the techniques used. All you need to make wonderful bouquets that will never fade!

Publisher Éditions de Saxe (hardcover - 23,2 x 1,3 x 23,3 cm - 96 pages)

photo: livre mook3

Les broderies de Marie et Cie n°3
Mon jardin d'été
Designer's collective (1 June 2017)

Book in French
This book offers you about thirty designs, in various techniques, including ribbon embroidery, white embroidery, red embroidery, traditional embroidery, stumpwork, crazy quilt, hardanger, needle painting and cross stitch. All patterns are included.

Publisher Éditions de Saxe (paperback - 21,6 x 1,4 x 27,4 cm - 128 pages)

photo: livre RSN Raised Embroidery

Raised Embroidery
Techniques, projects & pure inspiration - RSN Collection
Kelley Aldridge (4 May 2017)

Book in English
This practical, contemporary guide to the exciting and varied world of raised embroidery is written by Kelley Aldridge, an expert teacher with the Royal School of Needlework. Part of a new series showcasing the RSN's traditional techniques, technical excellence and contemporary flair, it contains a complete grounding in raised embroidery stitches and techniques, three beautiful projects and galleries of inspiring work. The book features an introduction to the RSN and its prestigious heritage. It reveals the history and context of raised embroidery and showcases galleries of inspiring raised embroidery work. This is primarily a practical, instructional guide that offers a complete grounding in the techniques you need for raised embroidery: it contains a comprehensive stitch guide and leads the reader through each technique using clear step-by-step photography and easy-to-follow expert guidance. The book contains three beautiful projects that put these techniques into practice and showcase additional advanced techniques.

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Search Press (paperback - 22 x 1,3 x 28,5 cm - 350 illustrations - 144 pages)

photo: livre shakespeare s flowers in stumpwrok

Shakespeare's Flowers in Stumpwork
Jane Nicholas (3 July 2015)

Book in English
In 1598, Lady Anne Clifford wrote a letter to her father that featured a beautifully painted border. Inspired by that Shakespearian-era design, Jane Nicholas has created her own embroidery, stitched on ivory silk satin in stumpwork. It showcases 14 assorted flowers and fruits popular at the time, from the Apothecary rose, borage, heartsease, and periwinkle to redcurrants, barberries, plums, and strawberries. Use the border to surround a mirror or enclose a special photograph, monogram, or treasured memento.
Gorgeous stumpwork designs from the Elizabethan era
Includes diagrams and photographs with clear instructions
Expert and long-standing stumpwork author

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (hardcover - 21,6 x 2 x 28,5 cm - 272 pages)

photo: livre stumpwork embroidery butterflies and moths

Stumpwork Embroidery Butterflies & Moths
Jane Nicholas (1 November 2016)

Book in English
Collecting insects, and displaying them, has long been the delight of natural history enthusiasts. In the 19th century, collecting butterflies and moths as serried rows in specimen boxes, or as decorative patterns in framed pictures, was a popular pursuit. Faithful to the tradition of these collectors, the Moth and Butterfly Specimen Box in this book is the third in Jane's series of stumpwork insect boxes, preceded by those in Stumpwork Dragonflies (2000), and The Stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery Beetle Collection (2004). Lavishly illustrated in colour, with detailed step-by-step instructions accompanied by explanatory diagrams, this book will be a valued addition to the bookshelf of anyone interested in textured and dimensional embroidery.

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (hardcover - 21,7 x 2 x 28,5 cm - 100 illustrations - 288 pages)

30,30€ Temporarily out of stock
photo: livre medieval flora

Stumpwork Medieval Flora
Jane Nicholas (2009, 1 November 2016)

Book in English
Long fascinated by the illuminated manuscripts of the medieval era, Jane Nicholas has sought examples in museums and galleries across Europe. The embroideries in this beautifully illustrated work were inspired in particular by the decorative panels and borders in the illuminated Book of Hours created by Jean Bourdichon for Anne of Brittany, early in the sixteenth century. Jane has chosen eight flowers from myriad possibilities and interpreted them here in stumpwork embroidery. Five are worked as botanical specimens, their Latin names stitched below them. The other three, equally botanically correct, are presented as illuminated panels with richly coloured borders embellished with gold thread and beads. Each piece includes a 'surprise' in the form of an insect (or two), faithfully interpreted in fabric, wire, beads and thread. The requirements and instructions for each project are given in detail, along with a tracing patterns and explanatory diagrams.

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (hardcover - 21 x 2,3 x 28 cm - 200 illustrations - 288 pages)

photo: livre a-z of stumpwork

A-Z of Stumpwork
Designer's collective from Country Bumpkin (2005, 18 October 2014)

Book in English
With its beginnings in seventeenth century England, stumpwork is today making a revival. Come join us for an exciting journey into the world of raised embroidery. There are over 400 clear step-by-step photographs and instructions presented in five easy to use sections and 20 stunning designs from around the world. Each design is beautifully presented with colour photography, easy to follow instructions and full size pattern. There is expert advice on the materials and tools you need to ensure success and enjoyment, and tips and hints to help you perfect your stitches and techniques.
Comprehensive guide to stumpwork
Full of hints and tips covering all the embroiderer needs to know
Over 400 step by step photographs and 20 stunning designs
Revamped design of a book that has sold well over many years

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Search Press (paperback - 21,6 x 1 x 23,4 cm - 400 illustrations - 128 pages)

photo: livre Embroidered portraits

photo: livre Embroidered portraits

Embroidered portraits
Ideas, inspiration and techniques
Jan Messent (16 July 2012)

Book in English
With a different and delightfully practical approach to a traditional, time-honoured subject, Jan shows how to create a wonderful selection of portraits, all in realistic style and created using raised embroidery, applique and decorative hand stitches. Simple instructions for shaping different-angled heads, creating faces, adding features and stitching the hair are just the start. She goes on to show different hairstyles and wigs: straight, wavy, curly, free flowing and unkempt. Scale is important and there are full instructions on which threads and stitches to use. Moving on to poses, arms and hands, garments and accessories, there are full instructions and illustrations every step of the way. You learn how to personalise and embellish portraits with fabric, felt, lace, beads, braids and cords, and there is plenty of inspirational advice plus many new ideas. Whether you are new to stitching or an experienced embroiderer, you will find much here to enthrall and excite you in this very special book.
A unique and inspiring book by Jan Messent, an eminent embroiderer with a strong following world-wide
Probably the only book on the market devoted entirely to stitched portraits
Packed full of exquisitely worked pieces, all giving a contemporary twist to this
traditional subject, and with expert guidance on the materials and methods used

(hardcover - 22,5 x 1,6 x 28,73 cm - 290 illustrations - 128 pages)

28,60€ Temporarily out of stock
photo: livre RSN stumpwork

Royal School of Needlework - Essential Stitch Guides
Kate Sinton (3 June 2011)

Book in English
The Royal School of Needlework teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard, developing techniques in new and innovative ways. Written by RSN apprentice and tutor Kate Sinton, this book contains an extensive guide to stitches and techniques, as well as guidance on the materials and equipment you need; how to design your own stumpwork embroidery; framing up; and positioning and transferring your design. Each stitch is clearly illustrated with step-by-step photography, along with expert instruction on how to form the stitch and use it in your needlework. With an introduction to the RSN and a brief history of stumpwork, together with numerous traditional and contemporary examples, this book provides an essential guide to this classic form of embroidery.

Review with pictures by Mary Corbet.

Publisher Search Press (spiral-bound 16,2 x 1,6 x 21,9 cm - 96 pages)

photo: livre dimensional embroidery

Dimensional Embroidery
Helan Pearce (2 February 2002)

Book in English
Helan Pearce brings her embroideries to life with her special method of stumpwork embroidery. She constructs her petals and leaves with wires that she attaches to the fabric. In this book you will find 14 projects to decorate your home. They are made of appliqué and embroidery with wool and silk threads.
The book contains many pictures and explanatory drawings.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (paperback 20,3 x 1,3 x 26,7 cm - 112 pages)

photo: livre complete stumpwork

The Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery
Jane Nicholas (1 September 2005)

Book in English
Following the enormous success of her previous stumpwork embroidery titles, this book brings together in one volume the first two titles from Jane Nicholas. Comprehensive and well combined to make one impressive book, The Complete Book of Stumpwork Embroidery combines the techniques, stitches, instructions and projects of the popular Stumpwork Embroidery: A Collection of Fruits, Flowers and Insects for Contemporary Raised Embroidery and Stumpwork Embroidery: Designs and Projects. Discover Jane's masterful application of harmoniously vivid colour and captivating texture- each marvellous design bound to fill the crafter's mind and hands with inspiration and enchanting imagination. Included are all the colour images and illustrations as well as an updated foreword and index. At 400 pages, this is a must-have for all embroiderers.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (hardcover - 21,6 x 3,2 x 28,6 cm - 942 schemas et illustrations - 400 pages)

photo: livre beetle collection

The stumpwork, Goldwork and Surface Embroidery

Jane Nicholas (1 March 2004)

Book in English
Inspired by Evans' and Bellamy's book "An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles", Jane Nicholas captivates the imagination with extraordinary stumpwork beetles, designed authentically based on fascinating and detailed photography. Strewn with excellently glittering goldwork beetles, inspired by Art Nouveau jewellery; beaded beetles, from mosaic buttons; redwork beetles, first seen on an antique quilt on display in Omaha, Nebraska; and beetles in surface stitchery, Jane illuminates texture and form with great expertise. Brilliant colour photography is accompanied by clear instructions on each project, clearly guiding a crafter of any experience to accomplish a marvellous result using an array of techniques. Discover the utter charm of lustrous silk, metallic threads and vivid colour combinations in crafting your very own stumpwork beetle 'specimen box'.

(hardcover - 21 x 3 x 28 - 424 pages)

30,50€ Temporarily out of stock
photo: livre beginners guide to stumpword

Beginner's guide to Stumpwork
Kay Dennis (2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009)

Book in English
Kay Dennis is passionate about Stumpwork. This intricate, raised and padded embroidery has its origins in the 17th century, and is enjoying a revival amongst embroiderers and lacemakers. It is wonderfully versatile and will appeal both to the novice and needleworker. Using a mix of flat, padded, wired and free-standing elements, it employs a wide range of embroidery techniques. This comprehensive and colourful book covers both basic and needle lace techniques sections on each contain a series of elaborate step-by-step demonstrations showing how to work individual techniques, followed by a project combining all the methods. Kay takes inspiration from a variety of sources and her designs include animals, flowers, fruits and insects popular motifs in the 17th century. She also creates contemporary designs and there are advanced projects on landscape and figurative work. A gallery of Kay's work is included to inspire the reader.

Publisher Search Press (paperback 20,5 x 0,7 x 26 cm - 125 illustrations - 80 pages)

photo: livre dragonflies

Stumpwork Dragonflies
Jane Nicholas (1 January 2000)

Book in English
The elegant form, fragile iridescent wings, mystical bead-like eyes and shimmering colours of the dragonfly have fascinated needleworkers for centuries. Jane Nicholas takes a close look at the anatomy of dragonflies and damselflies and their representation in natural history. She combines those observations with designs form as far back as the sixteenth-century and from throughout the world and then uses a variety of materials and techniques to build works of mesmerising beauty. Jane shares new ways of using unusual materials to interpret and create your own dragonfly designs. The projects - including a remarkable collection of nine creatures in a 'specimen box' - not only set off the dragonflies exquisitely, but they exemplify Jane's impeccable eye for detail and composition. This stunning book - fascinating for anyone interested in textured embroidery is a pure delight to read.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (hardcover - 21 x 1,3 x 28 cm - 96 pages)

photo: livre stumpwork embroidery

Stumpwork Embroidery
Designs and Projects
Jane Nicholas (31 May 1998)

Book in English
A sequel to the highly successful Stumpwork Embroidery, Jane Nicholas takes readers on a truly enchanting journey featuring magnificently luscious floral displays and delightful critters of the outdoors. Delve into superb arrangements of colour and visible texture in Jane's sophisticated and impeccable designs. This beautifully designed book provides extensive explanation and clear instruction for creating your very own exquisite stumpwork pieces. Produce classic embroidered floral and wildlife pictures, intricate roundel's for a wall hanging or brooch, as well as stunning accessories and treasured gifts. Featuring an array of projects suitable for all levels of needlework ability, this outstanding guide is an essential for every ambitious craftsperson.

Publisher Sally Milner Publishing (hardcover - 21,6 x 1,8 x 28,7 cm - 192 pages)


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