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Ribbon embroidery books (in English & in French)
photo: livre broderie ruban shabby

Ruban Shabby
Nadine Laffite

15 May 2020
Édition de Saxe
21,6 x 1,2 x 27,5 cm
112 pages

Book in French
As if by magic, you are transported into Nadine Lafitte's totally magical and vintage universe in which silk ribbons elegantly cross paths with silky taffetas, shimmering velvet panels, wild silks, and rub shoulders with magnificent antique lace and other treasures unearthed in your sewing box.
This book is a lovely nod to the days of our grandmothers and invites us to practice ribbon embroidery while making very precious projects.
You will be able to embroider very pretty projects throughout the seasons.
Wedding cushion pouch
Embroidery case
Precious bear
Ribbon case...
If you are a beginner, you will have no difficulty in making the designs presented in this very pretty embroidery book.
23 embroidery stitches explained step by step

19,90 €
photo: book seasons in silk ribbon

The Seasons in Silk Ribbon Embroidery
20 beautiful designs, techniques and inspiration

Tatiana Popova

20 March 2019
Search Press
21,6 x 28 cm
400 illustrations
208 pages

Review of the new edition by Mary Corbet
Review of the 1st edition by Mary Corbet

Silk ribbon embroidery enthusiasts all over the world have been discovering the work of renowned Ukrainian embroiderer, Tatiana Popova. Here she teaches all the essential techniques and stitches you need, including traditional ribbonwork and thread embroidery, as well as new ways of working that she has developed herself to make silk ribbon embroidery easier.
The second part of the book is devoted to 20 stunning projects inspired by the seasons, each accompanied by numerous step-by-step photos, illustrations and instructions. These include vibrant floral arrangements as well as romantic and whimsical designs such as hearts, owls and posies, and there are ideas for seasonal gifts such as an Easter wreath, a Wedding Day heart and a Christmas star. Ten of the designs feature full-size images to scan and print on your fabric before embroidering.
Whether you are new to ribbon embroidery or an experienced embroiderer looking for inspiration and expert guidance, Tatiana's beautiful book is one you will turn to again and again.

21,90 €
photo book monograms and words

Monograms and Words
in ribbon embroidery

Di van Niekerk

1 August 2018
Search Press
26,5 x 19,5 cm
250 illustrations
128 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Welcome to the wonderful world of stitched calligraphy.
Each letter is beautifully reproduced in watercolour, with clear instructions for transferring the designs on to fabric. The step-by-step demonstrations show you the basic techniques, accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations and close-up photography of the embroideries. The book is highly versatile and can be used with many languages there is no limit to the letters, words and projects that can be made. There are numerous gorgeous designs, including embroidered cards, plaques, boxes, journals, baby clothes and more, giving you a limitless scope for personalizing special gifts for babies, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and more. Packed with useful tips and ideas, this is book is the perfect companion for ribbon embroiderers of all abilities.

17,95 €
photo book art of felting and silk ribbon

The Art of Felting &

Silk Ribbon Embroidery
Di van Niekerk & Toody Cassidy

6 September 2017
Search Press
21,6 x 1 x 28 cm
600 illustrations
160 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Internationally renowned ribbon artist, Di van Niekerk, has brought the textile and embroidery worlds together to create a unique book that combines the two mediums, with fabulous results. Working in close association with felt specialist Toody Cassidy, and featuring art by felt designer Razaan Jakoet, Di has produced a book that will delight and inspire beginners keen to work with the striking fusion of felt and silk.
Learn to make flat nuno felting and felt surfaces, using wool, wool and silk and paper silk, and adorn these with exquisite silk ribbon designs. Beginning with detailed instructions on the felted backgrounds, followed by a step-by-step section on how to make the flowers and creatures in silk, the book then introduces readers to 16 stunning projects, from pieces to hang in your home through to accessories you can wear and keep, to practise and apply your newfound embroidery skills.
The following flowers and creatures appear in the designs: nasturtiums, wild dagga, cosmos, pansies, English roses, miniature roses, marguerite and meadow daisies and grasses, wild flowers (buttercups, lavender, poppies, grasses) fuchsias, daffodils, wisteria, filler flowers (forget-me-nots and foliage), sunbird and sparrow.
The stitch gallery includes spider web roses, ribbon stitch, pistil stitch, ribbon stitch with curled-up tip, detached chain stitch, fly stitch rose, fly and ribbon stitch rose, French knots, grab stitch, loop stitch, stab stitch, stem stitch rose, twisted straight stitch, blanket/buttonhole stitch, crochet filling stitch, detached buttonhole, and many more.

23,25 €
photo livre mook3

Les broderies de Marie et Cie n°3
Mon jardin secret


Édition de Saxe
21,5 x 27,5 cm
43 photos
274 illustrations
88 pages

Book in French
This book offers you about thirty designs, in various techniques including ribbon embroidery, whitework, red embroidery, traditional embroidery, stumpwork, crazy quilt, hardanger, needle painting and counted stitch. The ribbon embroidery models are from Martine Ligier and pascale Vanholsbeek. All patterns are included.

14,90 €
photo: book ribbonwork flowers

Ribbonwork Flowers
132 Garden Embellishments - Beautiful Designs for Flowers, Leaves & More

Christen Brown

5 March 2015
C&T Publishing
19 x 24 cm
160 pages

Gather, twist, and stitch an array of flowers from elegant ribbons and lace. Christen Brown, author of best-selling Ribbonwork Gardens, shares 132 flowers, leaves, and garden extras—each with complete instructions and colorful how-to photos. Readers will learn clever twists on vintage ribbonwork construction, plus hand-sewing basics and an overview of techniques. Fashion your own floral arrangements from interchangeable petals and leaves, two never-before-seen stem designs, and swappable centers. A gallery of bouquets will inspire you to craft realistic blooms, embellished with fruit, flourishes, and garden accessories. From single-stem posies to bountiful bouquets, this collection has something for everyone.
130+ exciting floral elements to sew from ribbon and lace
Custom floral creations! Mix and match petals, centers, and greenery
Embellish wearables, accessories, and home decor with hand-stitched details

21,90 € En rupture de stock
photo book beginner silk ribbon

Beginner's Guide to
Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Ann Cox

21 August 2014
Search Press
26 x 0,5 x 20 cm
96 illustrations
48 pages

Learn how to create exquisite, delicately embroidered silk ribbon flowers, including foxgloves, roses, hydrangeas, delphiniums, primroses, geraniums, irises, poppies... and much more.
A small selection of stitches are used to create a wide variety of flowers. All the techniques are explained in detailed step-by-step sequences.
A best-selling, timeless classic redesigned for modern embroiderers
Suitable for beginners and more experienced embroiderers
Clear, step-by-step instruction and beautiful designs

9,05 €
photo livre little flowers

Little flowers
in silk and organza ribbon

Di van Niekerk & Marina Zherdeva

4 April 2014
Search Press
26 x 19,51 cm
545 photos
90 illustrations
160 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

This irresistible step-by-step project book is all about making little flowers in silk and organza ribbon. Using a combination of thread, ribbon embroidery, stumpwork and other techniques, you can produce gorgeous poppies, sweet strawberry blossoms, delightful daffodils and a ring or daisies. Or enjoy creating magnificent wild roses, chamomiles and meadow grass in 3D, lisianthus and lavender, with butterflies and ladybirds and so much more.
Packed with information and many new techniques, this book will inspire every silk ribbon enthusiast, from the beginner to the advanced, to share in the joy of learning how to make beautiful life-like flowers and little creatures in ribbon and thread.
All completed projects are smaller than A4 size and templates of all the original designs are included, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to layer the embroidery and stumpwork to achieve the exquisite three- dimensional effect. An extensive range of step-by-step photographs as well as a complete gallery of stitches make it virtually impossible to go wrong.

15,70 €
photo book roses in ribbon

in silk and organza ribbon

Di van Niekerk

4 September 2012
Search Press
26,5 x 19,5 cm
150 illustrations
160 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Whether you learn on the exquisite rose sampler specially designed for the book, or make only one rose, this is a book that you will refer to often, especially when you wish to make something exceptional. Learn how to make delicate, beautiful and realistic silk roses and organza leaves, and have fun making them for a friend, or for a special project. There is a flower for every occasion: adorning a hat or a knitted bag, embellishing a crocheted scarf or adding beauty to a beaded necklace. Techniques include 16 different roses, blooming amongst a latticework of rosebuds, leaves and stems. Learn how to make rose petals and rose hips, sepals, stems and leaves, spent roses and stamens, and gorgeous little birds, a bird's nest, beautiful butterflies, bows and wisteria. There is something for everyone in these pages and it is amazing how easy, enjoyable and rewarding these techniques are.
60 new techniques, some easy, some more complex
A rose for every occasion
16 different roses

18,40 €
photo livre az silkribbon flowers

A-Z of Silk Ribbon Flowers
Ann Cox

9 September 2009
Search Press
30,5 x 22,5 cm
391 photos
42 illustrations
128 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Ann Cox's silk ribbon embroidery flowers are remarkable. This book begins with a comprehensive technique section including all the basic the basic techniques you need to know about ribbon embroidery.
From preparing ribbons to painting to shading fabrics, from transferring designs to choosing ribbons and laying techniques to achieve different effects, this book will clearly show you how to make thirty-two different flowers, including petals, leaves, stems, pistils and flower buds.
The photographs step by step, to help you learn how to do it.

19,55 €
photo book ruban bucolique

Broderie bucolique au Ruban et en Relief
Di van Niekerk

17 January 2008
Tutti Frutti
19,3 x 1,4 x 25,8 cm
160 pages

Book in French translated from "A Perfect World in Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork"
This book is a definite must-have for all ribbon embroidery and stumpwork fans, and you will be able to use the projects in other crafts too!
This substantial 160-page book is packed with new ideas and techniques that will appeal not only to all embroiderers but also to crafters such as quilters, knitters, fabric painters, scrapbookers or home décor enthusiasts.
Included in each panel are creative ideas for a variety of crafts. More and more crafters are wishing to learn how to combine ribbon embroidery and (especially stumpwork) with other crafts, to make their own distinctive works of art. This book will help you do just that!
There are 17 panels in this magnificent sampler and 60 different elements, with a clear stitch gallery to guide you. Flowers and creatures from all over the world (many that have not been made before) are included in the sampler, so there is something for everyone!
Each flower and insect is shown systematically with clear photographs. A number of panels (like the Honeysuckle, ants, butterflies, Freesias and Sunflowers) are for the complete beginner to this art form, other panels are suitable for intermediate and advanced embroiderers, so this book is an ideal learning tool for embroiderers wishing to teach themselves from scratch.
Embroider the complete sampler or a single panel for smaller projects. Alternatively, choose just one feature from a panel (a beautiful moth or a bunch of English Bluebells for instance) and add these to your own design, whatever craft you are busy with! The more advanced embroiderer will find this a practical book full of new techniques in Ribbonwork, Stumpwork, Barbola, Ribbon Appliqué, and Trapunto.

20,00 €
photo livre flower fairies

Cicely Mary Barker's
Flower Fairies
in Ribbon Embroidery and Stumpwork

Di van Niekerk

22 december 2008
Search Press
19,3 x 26 cm
152 pages

Cicely Mary Barker's beloved Flower Fairies are an enduring vision of elegance and beauty. Her exquisitely delicate and intricate colour illustrations have captivated children and adults alike for more than 85 years. Now, for the first time, five of her beautiful fairies are introduced not only to ribbon embroidery and stumpwork fans, but to all needlecrafters who enjoy creative three-dimensional embroidery. With numerous new ideas and techniques, this book has been designed to appeal to both beginners and advanced embroiderers. Easy-to-follow, close-up photography and step-by-step instructions will show you how to:
Embroider the exquisite flowers and leaves in silk and organza ribbon
Make the delicate stumpwork wings in organza and silky threads
Use organza and silk ribbon to make appliqué leaves and petals
Make charming stumpwork insects
Dress the fairies in layers of organza and embroider their hair
Embroider the fairies' clothing in long and short stitch - the easy way
Create three-dimensional designs using colour, texture and shapes.
The five Flower Fairies taught in this book are the Periwinkle Fairy, Black Medick Fairies, White Clover Fairy, Stork's Bill Fairy and the Red Clover Fairy.

18,40 €
photo: book Silk Ribbon Embroidery

Silk Ribbon Embroidery
A Workshop Approach for Beginners

Helen Dafter

1 August 2007
Sally Milner Publishing
26 x 18,5 cm
116 illustrations
15 photos
80 pages

A step-by-step approach to silk ribbon embroidery. All the questions you ever wanted to ask in a silk ribbon embroidery class answered for you, with illustrations and instructions.
The lessons in the book are based on the very popular workshops conducted by Helen throughout Australia and New Zealand. Here the information and skills needed for success with silk ribbon embroidery are presented in an interesting and informative manner. The illustrations and instructions will give embroiderers, at both beginner and advanced levels, the knowledge and confidence to try this needle art without structured classes or supervision by a qualified tutor.
This elegant needle art is a much faster form of stitching than traditional cross-stitch or tapestry and is ideally suited to the creation of the useful and decorative objects for the home in the book's fully described and illustrated projects.

17,75 €
photo livre floral

Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon

Helen Dafter

20 December 2007
Sally Milner Publishing
28 x 21 cm
50 photos
90 illustrations
128 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Floral Interpretations for Silk Ribbon is beautifully presented. Helen has created a visually attractive book with the use of stunning photography and very pretty watercolours of many varieties of flowers.
A guide to creating beautiful silk embroidered flowers from nature, this book includes beautiful photographs, watercolours and illustrations of flowers. Helen has interpreted these images by creating complete projects of the flowers in silk ribbon in cottage and country garden settings.
Included is a basic guide to fabrics, needles, pattern transfer, silk ribbons, starting/finishing, painted backgrounds and stitching techniques with illustrations. Projects include a variety of flowers, including roses, irises, everlasting/shasta daisies, asters, cornflowers, lavender, buddlia, gardenia, cherry blossom, violets, pansies, hyacinths, foxglove, as well as a small collection of native flowers. Not only are there projects for individual flowers, there are also complete landscape style embroidered projects showing the flowers in company with one another and in natural or garden settings.

24,20 €
photo: book ribbon and paint embroideries

Ribbon and Paint Embroideries

Roselynn Haq

1 May 2004
Sally Milner Publishing
28 x 21 cm
158 illustrations
15 photos
128 pages

This stunning title by Roslynn Haq presents 15 wonderful projects, all with an enticing array of ribbon embroidery, catering for the beginner to the experienced embroiderer. Explaining her unique stitches and techniques, she introduces the reader to the opportunities of paint. Full instructions are provided for making the small pots featured in her embroidery and on framing the finished product. Become inspired by magnificently diverse pieces that entice and satisfy the creative soul.
Discover this unique application of techniques and materials by creating your very own timeless work of art.

18,60 €
photo livre az of ribbon embroidery

A-Z of Ribbon Embroidery
A comprehensive manual with over 40 gorgeous designs to stitch

Collectif de Country Bumpkin

15 September 2002
Country Bumpkin
Spiral-bound paperback
21,5 x 22,5 cm
534 photos
62 illustrations
132 pages

The appeal of ribbon embroidery is timeless and thousands of embroiderers have been captivated by its ease of use and fabulous results. Here you will find every stitch and technique fully explained with step-by-step photographs and clear instructions. Accomplished embroiderers have compiled advice on choosing ribbons, fabrics, needles and frames, as well as a host of other hints and tips.
There are 40 exquisite designs with full detail provided on the materials and stitches used for every element and a helpful 'Ribbon Embroidery Index' directing you to the appropriate step-by-steps for each technique. Templates, a pattern key and a comprehensive index make this a must-have manual for anyone wanting to learn or brush up on ribbon embroidery skills.

28,00 € 14,00 €
photo: little book of floral design

Little Book of

Floral Designs for Silk Ribbon

Helen Dafter

2 February 2000
Sally Milner Publishing
14 x 1,3 x 15,5 cm
48 pages

Be enchanted by Helen Dafters stunning book that captures the beauty and grace of some of our most loved flowers including Cyclamen, Agapanthus, Lily of the Valley and Violas among many others. Whether you are new to silk embroidery, or want to expand your repertoire, you will enjoy every stitch in this little book, which includes 21 magnificent projects. Embellish garments and home decor or create trinkets and wall art with the popular floral designs in Helen's step-by-step instructional guide.
This book is essential for a crafter's bookshelf to enhance their work with charming floral embellishments.

7,55 €
photo: little book of wildflowers Little Book of

Wildfloers in Silk Ribbon

Jenny Bradford

9 September 1999
Sally Milner Publishing
14 x 1,3 x 15,5 cm
48 pages

The flowers selected for inclusion in this book are all Australian wildflowers. However, they illustrate the many shapes and forms found in all flowers thus enabling the embroiderer to create flowers of preference simply by changing colours.
A few basic simple stitches are used in a variety of ways to produce various petal and leaf shapes. Presented as botanical style samples, these designs can be used to decorate clothing, small gif items, crazy patchwork, incorporated in wool embroidery or landscape embroidery.
Jenny Bradford is one of the best-known silk ribbon embroiderers in the world and is the author of numerous best-selling books ans is sought after as a teacher and demonstrator.

7,55 €

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