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Needle Painting Books (long and short stitch)
photo: livre RSN silkshading 2022

Silk Shading

Sarah Homfray

2011, 12 April 2022
Search Press
21,6 x 0,8 x 28 cm
350 illustrations
96 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
A new, larger format edition of the classic reference work on silk shading by the Royal School of Needlework (RSN). The Essential Stitch Guides provide a set of definitive works on traditional embroidery techniques.
Graduate Apprentice Sarah Homfray throws light onto the beautiful craft of silk shading, also known as painting with a needle, long and short stitch embroidery or thread painting. This book reveals the history of the craft then moves on to the materials and equipment required. Next, Sarah covers design and using colour, simplifying and demystifying this often neglected area of embroidery. The main part of the book then covers all of the essential stitches and techniques through clear, step-by-step diagrams, coupled with beautiful, close-up photographs showing how they can be used in a finished piece.
Key traditional techniques are included: the fundamental stab, split and long and short stitches; along with couching, padding, adding beads and sequins, and knots. The book ends with beautiful and exquisitely-worked examples and covers working with different fabrics, threads and incorporating painted backgrounds.
The RSN teaches hand embroidery to the highest standard and is respected all over the world. It not only upholds the traditions of English embroidery that go back many hundreds of years, but is constantly taking embroidery forward in new and innovative ways. This series of Essential Stitch Guides has been produced in close collaboration with the RSN with the aim of providing a set of definitive works on traditional embroidery techniques.

17,20 €
photo: livre The Embroidered Art of Chloe Giordano

The Embroidered Art of

Chloe Giordano

6 September 2019
Search Press
22,8 x 25 cm
250 illustrations
176 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
Take a walk through the stunning stitched world of renowned embroiderer Chloe Giordano, and discover not only her unique way of working with sewing thread but also a sublime collection of her exquisite textile art, inspired by her love of the natural world.
Taking one project from conception through to completion, see how Chloe plans her designs, chooses colours, selects threads, blends colours and finally stitches her designs in order to create her beautifully detailed embroideries. Packed with Chloe's guidance on every aspect of the process, including hooping and framing, this book will inspire you to create stunning thread paintings of your own.
In the second part of the book, wend your way through a beautiful gallery of Chloe's work showcasing her popular, intricate embroideries that celebrate wildlife both big and small from foxes, fawns through to hares, rabbits, mice and more. All are accompanied by the back story and inspiration behind the piece, offering a fascinating and exclusive look into Chloe's creative process.
For needle-painting that will astound you with its lifelike, delicate beauty pick up this book and get lost in the magical woodland art of Chloe Giordano.

30,85 €
photo livre mook3

Les broderies de Marie et Cie n°3

Designer's collective

21,5 x 27,5 cm
43 photos
274 illustrations
88 pages

Book in French
This book offers you thirty patterns in various techniques including ribbon embroidery, whitework, red embroidery, surface embroidery, stumpwork, crazy quilt, hardanger, needle painting and counted stitch. All patterns are included.

14,90 €
photo book Bunnies in my Garden

Thread Painting
Bunnies in my Garden

Jenny McWhinney

2002, new edition 22 December 2016
Sally Milner Publishing
21 x 0,8 x 28 cm
230 illustrations
120 pages

Book in English
From the beginner to the experienced stitcher, these 12 original and beautiful designs, each with detailed stitch instructions, will capture the imagination through embroidery.
Detailed patterns, diagrams and simple, unique instructions throughout. Working any of them will help master the main techniques of Jenny McWhinney's form of thread painting. This gorgeous full colour book will delight any embroiderer who sees it and will be a must-have for her many fans.

25,65 €
photo book Blissful Beginnings

Blissful Beginnings
Embroidered blankets to cherish

Designer's Collective

2 March 2013
Inspirations Studios
21,6 x 0,7 x 27,9 cm
100 illustrations
92 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

From serene florals to cheery nursery rhymes this gorgeous book features blankets to suit every taste. The designs include cheery wool-embroidered blankets, a delicate shawl, a sweet bassinette blanket, and contemporary designs perfect for the nursery or the living room. New stitchers and experienced embroiderers alike will enjoy the lavish photography and easy-to-follow instructions. The book features seven blankets and three bonus projects. Each project features detailed instructions, fully illustrated with colour photographs and helpful diagrams. Comprehensive construction details for all projects

30,30 €
photo livre Colour Confidence in Embroidery

Colour Confidence in Embroidery

Trish Burr

17 November 2011
Sally Milner Publishing
21,6 x 2,5 x 28,6 cm
300 illustrations
256 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
Each aspect is clearly illustrated by example and includes tools for selecting colours, choosing shades that enhance our embroidery, why some shades blend better than others, and the importance of contrast with light and shadow. There are projects to represent each colour group including stunning roses, camellias, fruit and the much sought-after bee-eater birds, but the highlights of the book for any stitcher have to be the chapters on colour combinations and complementary colours. These include more than 200 stitched examples with DMC thread keys, plus schemes to help choose colours for your own projects.
Colour Confidence in Embroidery is the first of its kind on this subject and a valuable resource for any embroiderer. Although based on long and short stitch shading the principles could be applied to any surface or counted thread embroidery.
Easy step by step instructions accompanied by numerous diagrams and photographs Thorough explanations for using different colours and shading for various uses Stitch guide and colour reference charts included

30,00 €
photo livre Needle Painting

Needle Painting Embroidery
Fresh Ideas for beginners

Trish Burr

1 August 2011
Sally Milner Publishing
28,5 x 0,7 x 21 cm
160 illustrations
128 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
Being a self-taught embroiderer, Trish understands the need for clear instructions and has spent many hours exploring the simplest way to present project instructions so that they are simple to follow. With comprehensive thread listings, numerous step-by-step photographs, clear illustrations and row-by-row instructions, all the designs presented in this book use readily obtainable DMC/Anchor stranded cotton. This book provides 15 embroidery projects from the numerous kits that Trish Burr has been providing by mail order for some years - a variety of embroideries featuring traditional flowers, and two small, colourful and delightful South African birds, the little bee-eater and the raquet-tailed troller.
The embroideries are divided into three levels, from complete beginner through to more intermediate embroiderers, and will also be helpful to those with some experience who are looking for smaller designs to use for gifts. Each level is carefully designed to take you onto the next stage of needle painting and includes all aspects of the technique, plus an introduction to long and short stitch and its variations - basic, curved, different shapes and feathers.

23,75 €
photo book Lovable Bears

Lovable Bears

Jenny McWhinney

August 2009
Country Bumpkin
27,5 x 21 cm
44 pages

Everyone loves bears and this adorable quilt by renowned Australian artist Jenny McWhinney, features twelve unique and irresistible embroidered character bears. Perfect as a memorable gift for a loved one, or a cosy addition to your home, Jenny firmly believes that everyone can embroider her designs, making this an ideal book for both embroiderers and quilt makers. Featuring vibrant illustrations, full-size patterns, step-by-step photographs and construction guide for the quilt are all included.

19,00 €
photo book Crewel and Surface Embroidery

Crewel and Surface Embroidery
Inspirational Floral designs

Trish Burr

9 June 2008
Milner Craft Series
28 x 21 cm
144 illustrations
144 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
In a fusion of crewel and surface embroidery, Trish Burr has broken boundaries with her unique sense of colour and shading by interpreting a mix of thread painting and Australian wool embroidery. With clear illustrations and step-by-step instructions, the 17 achievable projects use the minimum of stitches to create exciting effects. The skillful blending of wool, silk and cotton guides the beginner and inspires the experienced stitcher to create this unique style of embroidery. The numerous step-by-step photographs, illustrations and row-by-row colour keys make following the projects an effortless task and a joy to stitch.

28,40 €
photo livre Long and Short Stitch Embroidery

Long and Short Stitch Embroidery
A Collection of Flowers

Trish Burr

10 July 2006
Sally Milner Publishing
21 x 0,9 x 28 cm
100 illustrations
112 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
Trish Burr has selected beautiful flowers and interpreted them in her own unique style to present a stunning collection of embroideries. Meticulous in details, these flowers are brought to life by the use of lustrous threads and an intuitive use of simple stitches. With clear step-by-step instructions and full size templates, this beautiful book will be a 'must have' for any embroiderer's library.
With clear step-by-step instructions and full size templates, this beautiful book will be a must-have for any embroiderer's library.

23,75 €
photo livre Redoute Finest Flowers in Embroidery

Redoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery

Trish Burr

2 February 2002
Sally Milner Publishing
21 x 0,9 x 28 cm
96 pages

Review by Mary Corbet

Book in English
Delicate embroideries inspired by the wonderful flower paintings of the 19th century botanical artist Pierre Joseph Redoute. Discover one of Trish Burr's finest works in her incredible collection of hand embroidery titles. 17 paintings are reproduced in amazing detail using the simplest of stitches to create a remarkably complex effect. Step-by-step instructions are included for each embroidery - fabric, thread, stitches - which will allow both the novice and the experienced embroiderer to create their own stunning botanical collection.
Be inspired by Trish Burr's masterful recapitulation of Redoute's magnificent designs.

22,60 €

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