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English and French canvas embroidery books
photo livre needlepoint-stitches

Needlepoint Stitches
52 stitches explained and illustrated

Susan Higginson

26 September 2007
Search Press
20,3 x 0,7 x 26 cm
80 pages

Book in English
This handy reference guide will help with every aspect of needlepoint, including choosing needle sizes, suitable threads, frames and hoops; starting and ending threads, and a useful section on how to design your own pieces. Every stitch is accompanied by both step-by-step photographs and clear diagrams, making this an invaluable reference point for more than fifty invaluable stitches.

12,80 €
photo livre william-morris-needlepoint

A-Z of Needlepoint
A-Z Embroidery Series

Designer's Collective

4 January 2006
Country Bumpkin
Spiral-bound paperback
21,7 x 0,9 x 22,8 cm
128 pages

Book in English
This book is the first edition. This easy to use book takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the wonderful world of canvaswork, with plenty to enhance the stitch repertoire of those already captivated by this versatile form of embroidery. The book encompasses 65 stitches, including the most popular and commonly known, cross stitch and tent stitch, with easy to follow instructions and over 1200 step-by-step photographs. Up-to-date information about fabrics, threads and tools along with dozens of helpful hints makes A-Z of Needlepoint a must have addition to any embroiderer's library.

29,20 € 15,00 €
photo livre william-morris-needlepoint

Beth Russell's William Morris Needlepoint

Beth Russell

1 December 2006
Designers Forum Limited
24,5 x 1,4 x 28,8 cm
136 pages

Book in English
British needlework designer Beth Russsell presents over 20 needlepoint designs based on the original works of William Morris. With the help of beautiful photographs, the book reflects Morris's passion for the pre-industrial world as it evolved through the three stages of Morris's artistic development. Detailed charts and clear instructions allow the reader to join in Morris' ethos of 'Art for the many' and to recreate some of his magnificent works.

32,00 €
photo livre needleworker-companion

The Needleworker's Companion
30 Patterns

Shay Pendray

1 May 2002
Spiral-bound paperback
14 x 1,9 x 17,1 cm
112 pages

Book in English
Whether as pastime or obsession, needle crafts are enjoyed by millions, and this ultimate guide presents all the tools of the trade. Small, spiral-bound, and sturdy, it fits in a pocket or a needlework bag and stands up on its own for the freedom of busy hands. Within its compact pages, this handbook contains detailed information on everything from picking the proper supplies to fixing the worst mistakes. Techniques include nine separate methods of starting a thread, five ways to end one, six varieties of embroidery, and 16 kinds of stitches. Also included are instructions on embellishing and directions for blocking and finishing.

18,00 €
photo livre fruits-petit-points

Fruits au petit point

José Ahumada

Le temps apprivoisé
24 x 1 x 24,5 cm
72 pages

Book in French
10 original fruit designs, with diagramms, color reference and beautiful photos provide all the information you need

15,30 € 5,00 €
photo livre point-croix-magazine

point de croix magazine
Hors-serie n°10 spéciale tapisserie


Cordier Éditions
21 x 0,3 x 29,5 cm
49 pages

Book in French
9 original designs, with instructions for cross stitch or canvas material.

5,20 € 0,50 €

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