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photo livre 200-braids

200 Braids
to Loop, Knot, Weave & Twist

Jacqui Carey

13 January 2011, 2015
Search Press
19,3 x 1,75 x 14,75 cm
256 pages

Book in English
Choose from over 200 designs and give the perfect finishing touch to clothing, soft furnishings, accessories, greeting cards and gift boxes, or make braid jewellery and pretty friendship bracelets. Experiment with texture and colour to create gilded, beaded braids. Unlike shop-bought versions, yours can be custom designed to perfectly match your own unique craft projects. The main directory is a sumptuous collection of designs, organized according to structure, from twisted and knotted braids to more elaborate looped and woven pieces. Each braid features a close-up photograph, a recipe of materials and step-by-step instructions. All core techniques are clearly demonstrated with easy-to-follow photographs, and little or no equipment is needed. Previously published as The Braider's Bible.

12,50 €
photo livre beautiful-braiding

Beautiful Braiding Made Easy
using kumihimo disks and plates

Helen Deighan

17 November 2014, 2015
Search Press
21,7 x 0,5 x 28 cm
48 pages

Book in English
An easy to follow guide to producing beautiful Japanese braids using Kumihimo disks and plates; templates for which are printed on the cover flap ready to be cut out and used. There is advice on the yarns or threads to use, arranging the threads on the disk or plate, producing many different types of braid, braiding with beads, finishing off and using the braids to make bracelets, necklaces, bag handles and much more. Packed with new ideas for using the wonderful Kumihimo tools - including adding beads as you braid. Templates for the Kumihimo disks and plates are printed on the cover flap ready to be cut out and used. Easy to follow instructions teach you step-by-step how to make beautiful braids using the Kumihimo disks and plates. Beautifully illustrated with colour photographs and drawings.

10,20 €
photo livre japanese-braids

Twist, Turn & Tie
50 Japanese Braids

Beth Kemp

4 February 2014, 2015
Search Press
22 x 0,9 x 22 cm
128 pages

Book in English
A must-have book for anyone who enjoys making their own jewellery, this collection of gorgeous Japanese braids shows you how to create beautiful cord jewellery with a kumihimo loom. The specially-drawn graphics make following the instructions easy for the beginner to intermediate crafter, and expert braider Beth Kemp gives a master class in combining different colours and textures of cords. Includes plenty of ideas for how to use braids in your jewellery making, such as how to finish with clasps, add accent beads, or create decorative end knots. The book comes with a cardboard braiding disc that you can just pop out from the front cover. This cute taster loom gives you something to try out your skills on.

16,10 €

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